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For architects and engineers: 


  • Contracts and contract negotiation


  • Professional liability insurance coverage and coverage disputes


  • Professional licensure and regulatory compliance


  • Design defect claim defense


  • Project risk management and best practices  


  • Business law and planning, entity formation and support



I work primarily with architects and engineers in the areas of professional liability risk management, licensure and regulatory compliance, professional liability insurance coverage, malpractice defense, and general business support.


My practice is shaped by a perspective gained from more than a decade of service to design professionals, both as an outside consultant, and as an in-house Risk Manager for a regional architecture firm.      


My objective is to help design professionals establish and maintain effective risk management and business practices to support their design practices.


If you are an architect or engineer, I look foward to meeting you.  If the opportunity arises, I look forward to working with you.  Please do not hesitate to give me a call.



Condominiums are back.


Architects and engineers who forget the hard lessons learned in the last condominium boom will be destined to repeat mistakes that can be avoided.  I can help your team develop condominium practices to reduce the risk of design or construction defect claims.


Don't get stuck in the middle.


Inconsistencies in contracts can leave architects and engineers responsible for their subconsultants' mistakes, or for gaps in subconsultants' scopes of service.  I can help your team develop consistent contract templates and improve your contracting practices.


What's in your E&O policy?


Professional liability insurance is essential to an A&E practice.  Fortunately, there are currently quite a few insurers competing for the A&E market.  However, subtle variations in key policy terms dramatically affect the scope and terms of coverage provided by those carriers.  I can help your team identify and understand the differences among policies offered by carriers competing for your business.


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